I was drawn to Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture after flipping through a mediation book by Mantak Chia on the Microcosmic Orbit that happened to be on the bookshelf of my friend’s mother. I had been studying psychology as an undergrad, and had always loved gardening and herbs and upon learning this interesting form of mediation, I knew I wanted to somehow merge all of these passions. I felt I had a calling to heal, and was discouraged how our medical system pushed pharmaceuticals so easily without offering other options, especially when dealing with mental/emotional problems. I graduated from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2012, where I interned in the school’s clinic for two years. I also had the opportunity to extern at the Venice Family Integration Clinic. After receiving my license I worked in community acupuncture under Ilan Migdali, where I practiced distal acupuncture and used the Dr.Tan method.


"Thank you Jacqueline! As always is a wonderful, delightful experience. It's amazing how I come in feeling tense and sore and I get out relaxed and feeling great! Thanks again, your work is magic!"

Rita L.

"Blue Jasmin is as wonderful as the name sounds.  I met with Jacqueline, and was impressed with her approach to my symptoms that I have been experiencing for so many years.  As I told her when we were finished with acupuncture, and cupping that I felt it was a "journey of relaxation."  In today's world I believe it is necessary to keep our positive energy flowing especially with the stresses that we have in our lives.

So this is an exciting new path I am taking and so glad that I found these ladies."

Kathleen N.