Julie Mino

"I found heaven! It's called Blue Jasmin Acupuncture. The owner, Krystal, is truly a gift to this world. Her energy, attention, and recommendations are amazing. One of my favorite treatments is fire cupping. My back sings after a treatment and I crave more! Krystal is also a certified Kundalini teacher. I've been fortunate to practice under her, it's transforming, refreshing, and clearing. Krystal embodies health, wellness, spirituality, and confidence and through her offerings she supports her clients in their journey, whatever that may look like. Thank you Blue Jasmin Acupuncture for everything you bring to Ventura!"

Julie Mino
Farion Pearce

“Never before have I experienced an acupuncture treatment where I could feel my whole energetic field being cared for, healed and aligned. Held in warmth and divine scent, each time Krystal put in a new needle, it was as if she were a symphony conductor inviting a new instrument to play. I could see and feel continual new threads of colored energy join ‘the chorus.’ I left her office and spend my day in a grounded state of euphoria.”

Farion Pearce
Dan Glassman

"Krystal is great! A positive spirit who listens and sincerely cares about the well-being of everyone she encounters. Her wonderful energy is so refreshing and she pours this into her work. Blue Jasmin Acupuncture has a comfortable, relaxing space in which I have been treated many times. Krystal customizes the experience; her treatment is based on the individual needs of her clients. When I broke my wrist, my treatments changed and were tailored to stimulating the appropriate area to encourage healing. The results have been amazing. I feel fantastic.

Thank you so much Krystal, I exhale all that no longer serves me."

Dan GlassmanOwner, Glass Man Professional Window Washing CompanyVisit theglassmanwindowwashing.com
Elizabeth Reynolds

"I was motivated to take Krystal Pearson's Kundalini Yoga classes because I desire to embody grace, radiance and compassion the way Krystal does. Krystal's Kundalini Yoga teaching  provides clarity, inspiration and the opportunity for transformation. From the very first one, I was hooked. I experience a shift within myself at every class. Krystal teaches with her words, body, and more importantly by example; she walks her talk. She is my kind of teacher. Krystal Pearson is a blessing to me, my daughters and many of my friends."

Elizabeth ReynoldsMaster Aromatherapist & Founder of Lux AmareVisit LuxAmare.com
Dawn Orlin

"I’ve been getting acupuncture since I was eight years old. Most of the time, acupuncture is a nerve-racking experience for me, as I have always had an aversion to needles (who doesn’t!).

During my first treatment with Krystal, my nerves were calmed by her confident and understanding approach to healing.  Not only was there NO pain involved, but the insertion of the needles actually felt good; this was a completely different experience than I had previously had!

At the time, I was feeling incredibly anxious, and was also experiencing moderate distention of my intestines, as well as severe fatigue. While the needles were in, I experienced immediate relief of my anxiety and a peaceful, renewed feeling of energy and positivity.  I also felt, and saw a noticeable relaxation of my abdominal area where the bloating/distention had been.

I seek treatments from Krystal regularly, not only to treat and prevent reoccurrence of these symptoms, but also to receive herbs which maintain my health. In addition, Krystal is always willing to speak with me if I have any further questions!

Krystal is not only a skilled and empathetic health practitioner, she is an amazing and kind-hearted person, and her gifts for healing are invaluable."

Dawn Orlin
Jacalyn Pelloni

"I love getting acupuncture at Blue Jasmin.  I walk into the calm, relaxing, peaceful environment, steal some ginger candy and get my amazing treatment...it's like a mini vacation.  After my treatment I feel so calm and relaxed and my anxiety stays at bay for a few weeks!  Which is amazing for me.  Krystal has also suggested different herbs to take during those high pressure time...Calm Spirits, works wonders!"

Jacalyn PelloniPhotographer
Mariaemma Willis

"Kundalini Yoga is different from any Yoga I've experienced. From the very first session I knew this was what my body needed. It's like getting an amazing massage for all your organs, tissues, and muscles. Thank you, Krystal, for introducing me to Kundalini, and for being a dedicated and inspiring teacher."

Mariaemma WillisLearningSuccess CoachVisit learningsuccessinstitute.com
Sunnie Murphy

"I was introduced to Krystal three years ago by one of my best friends.  It was during a time in my life of loss...loss of life, loss of job, and a loss of my ability to keep the stress to a minimum.  I was having migraine headaches more often.  Krystal was a gift...she couldn't have come into my life at a better time.  She not only has this calming spirit about her when you first meet her, but her knowledge is off the charts!  She was able to put my body back in sync...the headaches subsided...and my stress level was back to what was normal for me. I think one of my favorites is the cupping...you just feel so refreshed when you leave! "

Sunnie MurphyOwner & creator of FourMurfz Beanies
Alison Soens

“About a year and a half ago, I was suffering from severe muscle pain in by upper back from a muscle tear due to my favorite sport, surfing. It was very difficult to get back on my feet and work again as well as enjoy surfing. I was at a standstill at what to do about it. And then a friend told me about Krystal. I was aware of the benefits of acupuncture but I was a little nervous about that little word “needles.” Once I met Krystal I was put at ease by her personality and professionalism. Krystal’s practice is so gentle that you don’t even feel pain! And I was amazed by the results. I couldn’t be happier that I am back to doing the things I love. I am so thankful that I found Krystal, who assisted tremendously on my road to recovery. Acupuncture is an extremely healthy and happy way to get well and Krystal is clearly knowledgeable in all that goes with it. Thank you Krystal!”

Alison SoensGraphic Designer, Kasleberry DesignVisit kasleberry.com
Robert Schleifer

“I was very pleased with the acupuncture treatment I received from Krystal Pearson of Blue Jasmin Acupuncture. I’m a true believer in the centuries-long practice of herbal medicine and acupuncture that is Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was impressed with Krystal Pearson’s professionalism, thorough diagnostic procedure, gentle treatment, and follow-up. I’ll surely rely on her for future treatments, and would recommend her to others.”

Robert SchleiferMassage Practitioner @ BuenaVentura Massage